The Never-Ending Run

Lorenzo Maria dell'Uva  / English edition and translation: Chirstopher Rovai

The complete guide to the New York City Marathon: the history, the race, the info, the tips and the wonders of the most famous marathon in the world.


Do you dream of running the New York City Marathon?


How to get in.

Lottery or Charity? 9+1 or Travel Partner? Here are all the ways to run the TCS NYC Marathon.


The History of the Marathon.

Discover an incredible history: how Fred Lebow ignited the biggest sports event in the world. From 127 runners in 1970 to 52,705 in 2018!


What's along the Route.

Discover, mile after mile, the info, the anecdotes and marvels of the city that changes under your feet while running.


Race Strategy.

Race your NYC Marathon the right way thanks to the suggestions of Coach... (to be announced, stay tuned!).


Tips for Race Day.

Thirty suggestions ranging from how to get to the starting line to where to find your friends during the race.


Tales from the Runners.

Stories from NYC Marathon runners are everywhere: hear the voices of some of the most famous participants and winners.

Whether You're Running or Traveling...

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A complete guide to the most famous marathon in the world: if you dream of running it, if you already ran it or if you go to new york on holiday and simply want to find the best spots to run in the city.